marketing and communications

Sara Heinonen is a marketing and communications consultant for architects, landscape architects, and other creative professionals in and around Toronto. Her experience includes work with firms such as WZMH Architects, Cumulus Architects, Thier + Curran Architects, Invizij Architects, and Quinn Design Associates Landscape Architects, and her past role as Director of Marketing at Zeidler Partnership Architects. Sara's twenty-five years as a practising landscape architect, including twenty years as co-owner of a design-build landscape company, also inform her understanding of the promotional and business needs of her clients.

Sara’s ability to write clear and engaging promotional and proposal content stems both from her marketing experience and from her strengths in creative writing. She also uses her skills as a designer and photographer to create graphically compelling documents that support her clients' identities and business goals.


  • marketing strategy

  • website design and content development

  • writing, graphics, and photography coordination for firm profiles and awards submissions

  • social media strategy

  • narrative writing and strategy for proposal deliverables

  • staff photography

For more information and a sample portfolio, please send a note to