Sara is the author of Dear Leaves, I Miss You All, a collection of short stories published by Mansfield Press in Toronto in 2013. Eleven of these and other stories have been published in the Canadian literary magazines Grain, Event, The Fiddlehead, Taddle Creek, This Magazine, The New Quarterly and The Dalhousie Review. Her most recent story "Missed Lonelyhearts" appeared in Grain [43.2, Winter 2016].

Her novel-in-progress has been supported by both a Canada Council Creative Writing Grant for Professional Writers and an Ontario Arts Council Writers' Reserve Grant in 2011, and her short story collection was supported by a 2009 Toronto Arts Council Grant.


More about Dear Leaves, I Miss You All:

A workaholic sees the natural world with new eyes when her former colleague succumbs to a botanical affliction. Three teenagers try to sort out their friendships and their looming adulthood while their parents behave like teenagers. A Chinese immigrant struggles to accept his daughter’s developing sexuality as he copes with life in Canada and the loss of his wife. A driving instructor falls for his student and then for her obsession with Glenn Gould. A neurotic environmentalist hides behind the laundry boxes in her local superstore.

Sara Heinonen’s first book of stories is populated with characters forced to confront unusual circumstances and hostile environments. When disappointment or disaster loom, they look to nature for solace, but sometimes nature itself is the threat. This is fiction that is fascinated with the moments when life gets both stranger and more beautiful.

The sweetly earnest and anxious characters in these wonderfully wry stories give me hope for the future. The bad news is, the world is ending. The good news is, Sara Heinonen’s poultry-scented apocalypse comes with bouncy castles.
—Jessica Westhead, author of And Also Sharks

For all their queerness, levity and respect for quiet moments, there’s the ambient eeriness of coming disaster throughout these stories. It’s fixing to storm big in Dear Leaves, I Miss You All and the human animals on the cusp of it are acting weird. Love—but don’t be fooled by the daffiness or daftness of—Heinonen’s wonderful characters. Their charming quirks are hints of something devastating about to hit.
—Andrew Hood, author of The Cloaca

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